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19 December, 2012

Jeff Petherick has challenged Christians throughout the U.S. to rethink gift giving... More

29 November, 2012

Author, successful investment manager and philanthropist Jeff Petherick is set to... More

20 November, 2012

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15 October, 2012

Jeff Petherick is scheduled to be a guest on Sunday\'s The Hour of Power, broadcasting... More

Transforming boys into men of courage, honor and integrity.

Just about every culture teaches their young boys what it means to be a man, except Western society.  Most men have an innate hunger to teach boys the true essence of manhood but just don’t know where to start or what to say.  Man Quest provides a perfect starting point for an adult man to engage a son (or mentee) in the most pivotal discussion of his life – what it truly means to be a man. More

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Grace is more amazing than you think.

Religion is prison. Grace is freedom. Religion is working and struggling to sneak your way into heaven past an angry God. Grace is receiving the gift of salvation that sets you free to serve God and others out of love and gratefulness. But that's only the beginning. If you're turned off by the grim face of religion, discover the smiling face of Jesus. No matter what you've heard in the past, don't give up until you read about the life- changing grace most believers never experience. More

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Bigger Than The Sky

By Jeff Petherick & Karl Nilsson

Growing Up Is Never Easy

Blossom lives on Michigan's beautiful Mission Point, in a cherry orchard overlooking Grand Traverse Bay. Overwhelmed by the natural beauty and grandeur of her surroundings, she grows up questioning her self-worth, doubting her abilities, and worrying about her purpose in life. This delightful children's book helps kids and adults learn valuable lessons about patience, trust, and the importance of staying connected. Like each of us, Blossom must learn that she is a small but absolutely essential part of the Master's plan. This book is illustrated by national artist, Bodhi Hill, of Austin, Texas.

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Bigger Than The Sky